Little Inventors

Chloe Rodham

Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, U.K.
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Job role:Animator and model-maker

Skills:Stop motion and digital animations, prop making, papier-maché, resin casting.

I'm an animator and model-maker based in Northumberland. I combine digital animation techniques with more traditional methods like stop motion. I enjoy sharing my skills with others - I'm an Associate Lecturer at Northumbria University and an animation mentor with TICE - introducing children to what it is like working in creative industries.

Recent project reports

Posted about The Laundry Flyer by Muskaan

The invention drawing has a fan to dry the clothes, so I've cut out some wooden panels on the laser cutter and glued them onto a tube so that the fan can turn in the animation.

Robot hand
Posted about The Laundry Flyer by Muskaan

Muskaan's design has a hand which does all the hard work of the laundry, so I've made a hand out of epoxy clay with wire inside so that it can move and bend. I'm going to be animating The Laundry Flyer using stop motion animation, so it is important to make sure  I can move the pieces. The arm for the hand is made out of ball and socket joints - these work a little bit like our own bone joints to allow movement.

Posted about The Laundry Flyer by Muskaan

I need to paint the inside of the drum now before I glue the whole thing together so that I can get to the interior easily.