Little Inventors

Climate Champions, we need your help!

Everything we do has an impact on the environment. From what we eat to the way we travel. And it doesn't just affect humans, many of our daily choices are directly or indirectly having an impact on animals and plant life too.

The way we live at the moment is most of the time unsustainably, which is causing the earth’s atmosphere to heat up creating many problems for all living things on earth.

But you have the ability to change things! Little Inventors, CRIN and The Rights Studio are challenging you to think big and invent a new future for our beautiful planet Earth.

Using your brilliant brains we want you to come up with invention ideas that help protect our planet and its biodiversity and encourage us all to live more sustainably.

We will show your ideas to as many people as possible who have the power to change things, and encourage adults to listen to your amazing ideas!

A selection of the most creative and inspirational entries will be brought to life by expert illustrators and 3D graphic artists and shown at the UN Human Rights Council and other important events. We'll also share your idea on this website and our team at Little Inventors will give you written feedback on your idea.

How to enter!

Upload your invention idea for a chance to be made real!

Here’s a handy guide to creating a good submission image:

1. Start with a black outline
2. Add colour
3. Label the parts
4. Tell us what the invention is, how it works, and what it’s made of
5. Add the date, your name, age and what your invention is called
6. Take a well-lit, clear photograph of the drawing and upload it to the upload page

You can submit more than one invention idea.

Submit invention ideas through our upload page.

  1. Draw your inventionon our Little Inventors worksheet
  2. Scan the *whole* sheetas straight on as possible
  3. Upload it in JPEG, PNG or GIF format (choose a file)

Each invention idea will comprise of an image of a clear drawing, the name, age and location of the inventor, the name of the invention and a description, and a contact email address.

Examples of scanned images

Not so good