Little Inventors

Hung Lu Chan

Taipei, Taiwan, Netherlands
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Job role:Artist / Designer / Maker

Skills:illustration, product sketching, 3D modeling, rendering, prop making, prototyping

I am an artist and a designer based in the Netherlands and Taiwan. I am very interested in exploring people's imaginations and their socio-political impact on society, technology, and the future. I usually use my skills in industrial and interactive design to develop unique tools and experiences through which questions these imaginary figures and narratives that humans create. Aliens are one of the human imaginations that I am investigating at the moment. Besides my own project, I also love to share my skills and experiences with others and make diverse imaginations to be seen and celebrated.

Recent project reports

Rendering of the Toxic Chemials Ditactor_color update
Posted about Toxic chemicals detector by Kiara

Top view rendering of the new version of the pipe color.

Two modes of the pipe_color update
Posted about Toxic chemicals detector by Kiara

Following Kiara's idea of a color plan which is using orange, blue, and yellow as the main color, I tried another version of pipe color.

Rendering of the Toxic Chemials Ditactor
Posted about Toxic chemicals detector by Kiara

Fishes, octopus, and hippos are swimming in the ocean, while the pipe senses the chemicals in the water discharged by the industrial plant, so the pipe's gate is closed to protect the habitat.

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